MTBing is Dead, Long Live MTBing

Twenty Plenty did not really live up to be the year any of us were expecting, but the one this it did dish up plentifully was surprises, and usually not the good kind.

One thing that became obvious as the year dragged on, is that events would be the same again. This rang true for our beloved sport of mountain biking too. As one event after the next was either cancelled, or postponed to a later date, often into the new year, there was still hope that this would be short-lived, and soon enough everything would be back to normal again. But 2020 came and went, the new year is upon us, but still uncertainty prevails, even for events scheduled for well into the future.

With major events like the ABSA Cape Epic pre-emptively moved to a new timeslot in October, and staple events of the ultramarathon scene, like Trans Bavians being cancelled, after first being rescheduled, and the organisers doing their level best to try and stay within the regulations, it is clear that MTBing events as we know them, are a thing of the past – for now at least.

For some, this has not mattered much, as they still enjoy simply getting out and riding their bikes, events or not. However, for others, this has destroyed their motivation to exercise, as there are no clear goals to be training for. This is not ideal, especially with the benefits of fresh air and exercise to ward off the virus, have been so well documented, and not more than ever, health and fitness should not be taken for granted.

Well, we would like to remind you, that there is another way. Events and racing are not the only reason to get out and enjoy your bike. It is possible to use your bike to get out and explore this beautiful country, and you do not need to attend a super-spreader event to do so.

Our small group MTB experiences, are the ideal way to get out of the house, travel the country and explore new places from the seat of your mountain bike, without putting yourself at risk, or needing to worry about the logistics. Our trips are limited in size, normally not comprising more than eight or ten riders in a group. They are also not races, or sanctioned events, but rather, travel experiences, which are not restricted under any of the current lockdown regulations. You can book a spot on any of our local (and to an extend, cross border) MTB experiences without the anxiety of worrying about the trip being cancelled. Unless we head back to a strict level 5 lockdown again (which is highly unlikely), our trips will go ahead.

So, instead of hanging up your riding gear for the season, give yourself a reason to stay fit, and a goal to work towards – our trips may not be races, but being fit helps keep the experience enjoyable.

Do yourself a favour, and book a spot on one of our multi-day mountain bike adventures now by clicking here. We are offering them at 2020 prices until Sunday 10 January. Don’t miss out.