As the presidency announced on Sunday, leisure travel is now open nationwide. No more restrictions, no more permits. That means that all our local experiences for the rest of the year can now go ahead without any concerns. We cant wait to host you.

To celebrate the re-opening of domestic tourism, we are offering major discounts on selected tours, for this week only, and only while stocks last.

The trips on sale are:

September Ben10by Bike – Normally R6850.00 now only R3425.00

Escarpment Escape 4-6 Sep – Noramally R3550.00 now only R1550.00

Zululand Wild Ride 24-27 Sep – Normally R3850.00 now only R1750.00

Tonteldoos and Beyond 13-17 Nov – Normally R3950 now only R2350.00

Please remember, space is limited, and prices are strictly only valid while stocks last. Offer ends close of business Wed 19/8/2020