Ride the Richtersveld – Product Launch Special

We are super excited to introduce to you our latest MTB tour offering. Ride the Richtersveld is a extra special, once once off arid-environment epic ride, where you get to enjoy the magnificent beauty and splendor of the South African Component of the the AisAis/Richtersveld Transfrontier park, from the cockpit of your mountainbike, both by day, and by the light of the full moon.

if you haven’t experienced the magnificence of a full moon shimmering it’s light across a desert landscape before, you need to join us to feel it on this trip. That’s right, you don’t just see a full moon in the desert, you literally feel it’s light touching your soul, and when you use that light to navigate dry river beds and animal tracks across the moonlit landscape on your mountain bike, it’s even better. But don’t worry, it’s just as impressive in the daylight.

To celebrate the launch of this amazing tour, which is limited to no more than 16 riders, to ensure an exclusive and unique experience, we are offering it at a 30% discount for this weekend only (offer expires midnight on 9 November). Furthermore, the first three people to book, will each be given a free entry to our Lesotho trip as well. You are free to use this entry for yourself, or sell/give it away to a friend, the choice is yours.

For full details of the Richtersveld Ride, Click here, and be sure to book your spot, as space is strictly limited. We look forward to hearing from you.

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